Turning Ideas into Reality

Hi, my name is Nicol. I am loving mother of two beautiful children, wife and especially an organizer and creative person. I have a lot of experience in organizing children's events and conferences, weddings and I design the scene for online broadcasts. I have enjoyed organizing meetings and dancing performances since I was a teenager. Later, conferences and meetings became my daily "bread".


After organizing my own wedding (from A to Z), I knew THIS is it! I love laughter, happiness and joy in the eyes of other people. I am a reliable, purposeful, friendly and creative wedding coordinator.  I will help you with planning, preparations and coordination of your Big Day.


Finally, one of my favorite quotes: You will never forget beautiful moments and it conjures a smile on your lips even after 40 years. It will be an honor to be part of the celebration of your love.

Nicol Dunčko
owner, wedding and event planner

Why choose Your Big Day by nicol?

I am an open person and happy to listen to all your wishes, which I fulfill.

I have a lot of energy, enthusiasm for the cause and a wide smile.


I don't mind stress and I can deal with it easily.


I am empathetic and I am primarily looking for a solution which satisfates all parties.


An individual and friendly approach is essential to me.


I will save your planning time and stress too.


I will look closely at suppliers to deliver promised service quality.


I am a friendly professional with a smile on my face and an emergency solution in every "pocket".


I will be happy to help you organize your big day in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.


I speak fluently English, so there is no problem to organize a multilingual wedding.


I will take care of you, your guests and the whole schedule of the day and make sure, that you are enjoying your day with family and friends.


Looking forward to seeing you, Nicol
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